Home – A review

The album Home by J.B. Dazen is a one man project. As a note on the cover proudly announces, the album was written, sung, played, programmed, recorded, mixed, mastered and designed by him. It is also a concept album, as all the songs on it were realized by using household items as instruments, along with more traditional ones like guitar, bass, or ukulele.
J.B. Dazen is a guy from the Netherlands who has been making music for quite some time. He is also an avid youtuber and has documented the process of making this album on his youtube channel. You will also find videos to each of the songs of Home there.

The album consists of 11 songs. They are varied in musical style and degree of whimsy.
The calm and mellow ‘Tea’ asks us to reconsider our differences in a more civilized way. ‘Bed day’ uses jail gang inspired sounds to pound home the lyrics of a guy being defeated by the circumstances in his apartment. ‘Hackenslacken’, the only Dutch song on an otherwise English album praises the goodness of a sandwich made with Hagelschlag, which are sold in the US under the term chocolate sprinkles.
Should you only listen to one song of this album to form an impression, I would suggest you listen to ‘TV’. The song deals with consumerism and its consequences in a brilliant manner, while showing off J.B.’s remarkable vocal range.
I’ve had this album for a year now and I keep returning to it. The songs are still fresh and fun, the listening experience precise, and I have yet to get tired of J.B.s strong voice. A voice, that is just as good live after a transatlantic flight, two hours of sleep, and severe jet lag. Trust me there, I’ve heard it.
You can find his music here and here. Go on, have a listen. It’s really good.


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One Response to Home – A review

  1. wysiwyg88 says:

    I wholeheartedly concur. I can’t wait to here him live again.

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