Thank you!

This first week back on my blog has been an interesting one. It started with me blogging about a topic I did not plan on blogging at all. Sometimes current events are very current and very important. Therefore I held back what I had originally in mind and went with the Laci Green situation instead. It was the right decision.
On Wednesday I reviewed the work of an old friend of mine. It felt great to put my impressions of his art into one comprehensive (I hope) narrative.
Now I am looking at way more views on this blog than I expected. I know very well that this little blog, without any bells or whistles is buried in a sea of better, more developed blogs. Blogs that will dazzle you with their graphics, impress you with their millions of networks, and hold your interest with widgets and gadgets I just don’t have.
Still you decided to come over here and read. A special thanks to Sam, Meg, and Mick for leaving comments and to clotildajamcracker for subscribing and liking.
I will tackle a very difficult post on Monday. But I am sure, with your support I can do it. So, thank you all so much!


About scratchingcat

Writer, mother, friend.
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One Response to Thank you!

  1. wysiwyg88 says:

    Looking forward to reading more from you soon

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