You got to do the work

Lately I have seen many people complaining about the way their lives turned out. They lament their lack of creativity, the drudgery of daily life and its demands, and the unfairness of their situation. Mind you all of them have a job, a place to live, food, and probably at least half of their life still in front of them. There is a pervasive unhappiness and listlessness in the air.
I do have a difficult time in appreciating these complaints. I mean, I understand when people have a bad day, or are sick, or expected a better outcome in a specific situation. However, this constant stream of bad vibes irritates me a bit.
I also understand perfectly well, that this post is a complaint in itself, and I see the irony in it.
Now let me address what I see as the main problem.
I think there is a disconnect between expectations and effort. In other words, if you want to get something done, you got to do it. You have to put work in. You have to accept that you have to practice things and that you will only slowly get better. If you just go around and list all the things that keep you from doing what you want, stop. You could have used the time you just spent on listing those distractions on doing your thing instead.
Maybe I really do not understand where those complaints are coming from. Maybe this is just not my problem. I know what my problem is. It resolves around the issue of fearing to not be good enough, ever. I never had a problem doing the work.
I actually always found enjoyment in what I chose to do. I can’t imagine dreading to do the very thing that is supposed to make me happy.

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One Response to You got to do the work

  1. wysiwyg88 says:

    I think what you’re discribing is partly due to the making of plans and having expectations for life without having a clear idea of what is entailed in fulfilling those plans.

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