Nothing extraordinary happened today

When faced with the Aurora shooting and its aftermath over the weekend, I wrote this. Sadly it holds true for pretty much all man-made disasters. I really do hope I don’t have to repost this anytime soon.

Nothing extraordinary happened today.
It was a sight we all know,
What they show,
On the screen,
With the usual sounds and bites and
Pretty ladies in costumes and tights,
Telling us to be shocked, telling us to be horrified
At the all too familiar sights.
And don’t forget to pray.

Then came the speculation the indoctrination,
from all groups, all fractions,
some sincere, calling for actions,
most of them counting the money behind their back,
ready to repeat phrases from their favorite stack
of half truths and lies, laced with sentiments dripping with values
they haven’t lived in a long time.
Don’t worry their morals are just fine,
as they re-chew and regurgitate their bale of horrendous hay that nobody can stomach anymore.
Just you wait, soon comes the promised salvation.

Nothing is new, everything seen too many times already.
The speeches, the vigils, the outrageous statements,
The interviews of people who have nothing to say,
But gleam in the light.
Who tell us that everything is all right, if of course
We keep our level of fear.
We need a strong captain to steer
Us away from these tragic events, that are such a shame,
By giving us just more of the same
Things that didn’t help in the first place.
Make sure you keep that camera steady.

And the world?
The world shrugs, the world shivers and sighs.
And then moves on. It turns, it greets days and nights,
With magnificent stars and lovely sunrises.
After all, the daily circus continued, the mass of life on it moved,
Once more, like every day,
everyone did what was expected and hey,
Nothing extraordinary happened today.


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Writer, mother, friend.
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One Response to Nothing extraordinary happened today

  1. wysiwyg88 says:

    Very poigniant indeed.

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