This fortnight

When I was a Ph.D. student I would make ‘What have I done” lists to take to my advisor whenever we had our check-in meetings. I liked those very much, because they allowed both her and me to see if I was on track or not and where I needed to focus more.
Nowadays I don’t have an advisor, a schedule to follow,a deadline to reach, or even anyone who would expect me to finish anything in the writing department at all. So I think doing a recap, a what have I done list would be even more helpful, because it will be the only document of accountability, period.

That said, what have I accomplished?

In the last two weeks I kept my promise of posting a blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
I made a new video, that originated from one of these blogs.
I edited and expanded parts of the second novel of my trilogy.
I received and worked with comments on my first book of the trilogy. I still have to decide on the edits, based on them.
I went to a writers’ meeting.
I finally sent in my entry to a writing contest.
I finished reading ‘Tell all” and I’m in the middle of reading “Alias Grace”.
I found out that the letter I wrote to our local newspaper actually got published. My friends saw it before I did.
I read from The Hobbit aloud to my son.

Things are moving slowly forward, but at least they are moving.

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Writer, mother, friend.
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2 Responses to This fortnight

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  2. wysiwyg88 says:

    The Hobbit. I approve. 🙂

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