Are you gay?

Lately I have been very vocal about a certain homophobic fast food chain and the people who support it. When I expressed my outrage about this issue, I got two questions several times.
What’s it to you? and Are you gay?
Okay, for the record now, people. I am straight.
I have been in a relationship with my husband for 23 years now, 17 of them married. We have a house, two kids, and two cars, one of them a minivan. We are the epitome of what traditional values people call “normal”.
So why do I care?
I care because denying a certain part of the population rights that other parts of the population have is a human rights issue.
I care because the genetic disposition of a person regarding sexual orientation should not give anyone the right to discriminate against them, exclude them from services or financial support, or incarcerate, or kill them.
I care because who my friends are sexually attracted to is for one, only a very small part of their persona and for another, none of my business. It only becomes my business if they, for whatever reason, would become sexually attracted to either my husband or me; in which case we would have to say thanks, but no thanks. But that is the only instance where sexual attraction, either gay or straight, would matter.

I do not think that being gay should be the only prerequisite to being compassionate. I think the only prerequisite should be to be human.

I will stand up for every marginalized group. It does not matter if you get marginalized because of your skin color, or gender, or disability, or whatever else is en vogue; I will pay attention to you. Right now it just so happens that the most frequent human rights violations happen to people who get marginalized because of their sexual orientation.

So yes, I am not gay. I am an ally. And I will keep talking about discrimination against LBTQ people until this is resolved.

This is a human rights issue. Let’s kick its butt!


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One Response to Are you gay?

  1. wysiwyg88 says:

    I’ve never quite understood why people are always so quick to jump to the conclusion that you are a certain thing because you happen to know about or be interested in it. I honestly couldn’t have put it better myself if I had to explain my position on gay rights.

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