Good news

Last night the Mars Rover Curiosity landed on Mars and immediately afterward began transmitting images. NASA/JPL showed the landing on a free video stream and thousands of people all over the world watched it. Twitter was alight with excitement and jubilation. People saw a group of tense scientist breaking out into a hug fest after the successful touchdown. Many viewers got teary eyed.
This was good news. It continues to be good news, because Curiosity is functioning just the way it should be and will be sending much more data back to earth over the coming months and years. Just like its older siblings Spirit and Opportunity did before.
I think this event is important. Good news is what lifts us up and gives us hope. Science and engineering have delivered us a reason to look up. I would like to receive much more good news like this. So let’s be the nerds who support science and engineering that try to move knowledge and discovery forward, no matter the field. Not every feat will be as spectacular as the Curiosity landing, but all of them are much needed good news.


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1 Response to Good news

  1. Meg says:

    I went to bed as usual, got up at 2am to watch the landing, and went back to bed from 3-5:45. I was tired as hell today, but it was totally worth it. The outburst of emotion and excitement was possibly even better than the landing itself. And if I had been more awake, I probably would have been jumping and crying with them 😛

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