I’ve had it with this heat

I live in the desert. It is not really by choice that I’m here, but I’ve made it work. August, however is a challenging month, because the thermometer climbs to the highest hights and sometimes just breaks, because it just can’t take it anymore. This week we had temperatures between 110 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. This is in the shade, mind you. Temperatures in the sun are a totally different story. At night it ‘cools down’ to upper 90s.
Now, I can walk through this heat for short distances. I can even run a mile or two in it, if it is before 9 in the morning, but it is exhausting. I need my water bottle by my side at all times. I need to have the AC running in the house at all times. I have to watch out that none of my family suffers  a heat stroke, dehydration, or low blood pressure fainting. Where I live, the weather comes with a warning and to make sure that it doesn’t affect you is hard work.
So, what are my options? I can complain about it and wait for it to cool down eventually in October, but those are the only things I can do. And if climate change marches forward as scientists have predicted it, I will have a whole lot of fellow heat sufferers soon. I have no solutions for this. I just needed to vent. For as much as I am done with this heat, I fear this heat is far from being done with me.


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2 Responses to I’ve had it with this heat

  1. I have once in my life experienced 115F (in the shade) in Fez, Morocco, early 1970’s. I was in a camp site with trees providing shade and small swimming pool. I awoke at 6:30am in my tent, bathed in sweat. I drank water, not purified, knowing it was a risk, but dehydration seemed more pressing. I crawled from the tent, staggered to the pool and fell in. Great joy! Coolness and relief. I wallowed in the pool for a while before I realised my head and shoulders would soon be sunburnt. I climbed from the pool and sat under the trees whist the water evaporated from my skin and felt cool for 10 minutes. Then as my skin dried within one minute my temperature climbed and I started sweating. Twenty minutes later I was pouring sweat and feeling sick. I staggered to the pool and dived in. Instant relief! Coolness and delight. I swim gently up and down for five minutes before I realise my head is cooking in the sun and I’m getting burnt. I’m a blond northern European, not best equipped to cope with this! I spent the rest of the day moving from pool to shade in a fruitless search for a bearable place to be. That evening I put my worldly possessions on my back and head for the nearby Rif mountains and the hope of sanctuary from the heat. What I encountered there is yet another story.
    Love your AC, Ute, much the way you may have loved the heating in a German winter!

    • Believe me, I appreciate it very much. I don’t know what I would do without it. Fun fact about the pool. Right now we’re not going in the pool, because it is too hot for that.

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