So many reasons why I’m a nerd

I needed something positive today, so this is a modified re-post from the original blog.

1) I love books. 
We have 12, yes twelve, book shelves in our house and they are all full. We go to the library pretty much on a weekly basis and I also own a kindle that has about 40 books on it. I can’t not read.

2) I know everything about Star Trek. 
I have seen the original series, the next generation, deep space nine, voyager, enterprise and all the movies. I own a communicator pin. I have talked with cast members and I know why people argue about how many episodes the original series really had.

3) I know everything about Lord of the Rings.
 I have read the books about 15 times, I have watched the movies, I own a Trivial pursuit: Lord of the Rings edition game and a Lord of the Rings inspired board game. I know my way around middle earth.

4) I know everything about Harry Potter.
I read the books, many times, I have watched the movies, I have know all the spells, I reference the books in everyday life and I have been to pretty much every website that the fandom has. Each year on Halloween I decorate my house with Harry Potter quotes, including ‘Nunquam tittilandus draco dormers’. And I support The Harry Potter Alliance.

5) I have been to Comic Con. It was a marvelous experience and I want to go again sometime. I also have been to Wizard Con and it was amazing.

6) I take my kids to comic book stores. Especially on free comic book Saturdays.

7) Some of my favorite TV shows are Quantum Leap, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Flash forward, and Heroes. I also adore Monty Python. Then there is Doctor Who, Firefly and Sherlock.

8] Some of my favorite bands are ‘They might be giants’ and ‘Talking heads’. And then there is the whole DFTBA records catalog.

9) I am a full blown Nerdfighter. DFTBA!

10) I am not afraid to try and learn new things. I might not be good at them, but I will try. This includes using social network sites that other people my age stay the hell away from.

11) I have a Ph.D. That could be considered nerdy.

12) I make YouTube videos.

13) I have been to VidCon twice and you can bet your butt that I will go again next year.

14) I have read all available books of the Ice and Fire saga. I really hope to get my hands on the last two books too. I will also quote things like “A Lannister pays his debts” to you.

15) I love to write. I am specifically talking about the process here. Not the feeling of accomplishment once I’m done. Though that is nice too.

16) I pretty much understand all the posts on tumblr.

17) I own more nerdy t-shirts than ordinary ones. Sometimes that causes stares from the mom cohort.

18) When my kids talk about things like Charizard, Creepers, or Clone troopers, I know what they mean and in what Universe they are moving at that moment.

19) I have very strong opinion on who is the one and only Spiderman.

20) I am married to a nerd and we can talk nerdy with each other.

So, how about you?

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3 Responses to So many reasons why I’m a nerd

  1. Meg says:

    I bow to thee, o great nerd of nerds.

  2. Jeyna Grace says:

    12 bookshelves?! I wish i have that many too!

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