Someday I won’t suck – A review

I like to read comics online. One of my favorite comic strip artists is Emily Armstrong. She decided to publish her comics under the name ‘Someday I won’t suck’. I would argue that that Someday has already passed a long while ago. Her work is very far away from sucking. Now if you connect comics only with fantastical superheroes in tight, revealing costumes fighting bombastic battles with evil villains who have a deranged laughing disorder, think again. Emily draws situational sketches of events and ideas that occur in her life. Because Emily is such a renaissance woman, we get to experience a wide variety of topics through her lens; be it teaching first graders, going to conferences, gardening, conversations with friends, politics, zine making, do it yourself crafting, local community organization, recycling, or cats. Her newest obsession is poster painting, as far as I know and she also knows a thing or two about chickens and making videos. Not that those two necessarily go together.
I like her comics because they are short, but poignant and usually multilayered. I also like them because Emily has a unique voice that should be heard.
So check her out here. It is worth your time.


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One Response to Someday I won’t suck – A review

  1. Thanks for the tip, I’ll check Emily Armstrong out

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