Creativity begets creativity

The other day while I was cleaning one of my bookshelves (I know, me and cleaning in one sentence, what a concept) I found myself humming Hedwig’s theme when I reached the Harry Potter shelf. That got me thinking that this particular piece of beautiful and haunting music would not exist without the books that were standing right in front of me.
The story was just the first creative endeavor. Now there are the movies, the music, the fashion, the puzzles, the Lego sets, the video games, the jewelry, the art work, and many more things. Harry Potter is not only a story anymore, it is a franchise. Many, many creative minds got to work, based on the original ideas of only one writer. And that is just the people who get paid for it.In addition to this, there is all the creative energy that was and is still unleashed by the fans. Be it in fanfics, musicals, puppet shows, or gif making, people use their talents to widen and deepen the experiences of that world and it is fantastic. Harry Potter, of course, is only one example of this phenomenon. It is just one of those I am very familiar with. Pretty much every book, movie, and TV series has a fandom nowadays that is taking the creative offerings of their original content creators and molds and expands it into a much broader and deeper experience. And because we have social networks and sites now, we can share those additional interpretations and extra content very easily. Now some purists may say that this content doesn’t have much to do with the original book, movie, or TV series and just dilutes the experience, but I disagree heartily there. I think that adding to the material and making it your own, whether it be by creating a costume, or drawing a picture of your favorite character, or writing a gory fanfic is a perfect way to appreciate your fandom. Many an artist has learned and perfected their craft by moving around freely in another artist’s intellectual world. The painter who got inspired by Tolkien to draw the shire might move on to other landscapes, the musician who wrote a song about the TARDIS has a lot more tunes up his sleeves, and the writer, who found her footing in the defined world of Westeros and created new stories for established characters will most likely move on to a world of her own very soon. I think this is an all around positive result. So yes, creativity begets creativity and I very much like it this way.


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