My normal is other people’s weird

It rained this morning, so I used an umbrella while I brought the kids to school. On the way back it let off and so I walked back twirling said umbrella over my shoulder. Granted it is a big umbrella with a U of A logo, but I didn’t think anything by it. You should have seen the look of horror one of the other parents gave me. That was some impressive facial gymnastic. He probably thought I was completely bonkers. Well, he better deal with it. I will keep twirling my umbrella when I feel like it. I also smile for no apparent reason. I sing along to songs in the supermarket. I skip along the road with my kids some days and I laugh out loud when I find something funny. This is just who I am. This is my normal. I am pretty sure that other people’s normal consist of some things that are also weird to me.

Oh, I also sometimes submit badly drawn comics to anthologies, which you can find here. Mine is the second one.

About scratchingcat

Writer, mother, friend.
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One Response to My normal is other people’s weird

  1. Be yourself. Other people’s opinions are not always relevant, including mine. Define normal? Nice drawing btw!

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