The weapon we have is love

This weekend the Harry Potter Alliance finished their Equality FTW fundraiser. They were aiming for 50,000 Dollars. They ended up getting almost twice as much. I watched a good portion of the lifestream to see them get there, and of course I contributed to the effort. Why, you ask? Because I like the way the Harry Potter Alliance looks at the world. They use story telling as a means to connect people behind values and ideas. Harry Potter brims with inclusiveness, tolerance, acceptance and the understanding that love is the best and most powerful motivator in the world. This love does not have to be romantic love. It is the love of a mother who saves Harry in the first instance and the love of another mother who helps to save him in the end. Another major tenant is the value of education. Most of the series is taking place in a school. The Harry Potter Alliance takes these values from the books and transfers them into our world. Not surprisingly they are working for equal rights for all. This includes LBGTQ issues and immigration. This includes positive body image and emergency disaster relief. It also includes book drives and collaborations with other online groups to raise awareness and lend support.
I love the Harry Potter alliance because I stand behind the values they stand behind. I love them because they do bring some magic into this world and I can’t wait to see what projects they fund with the money they just raised. Great job, guys!


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