Some people just like to see the world burn

The recent events concerning the storming of embassies and killing of their personnel really upset me. It was triggered, at least in part, by a film that was very offensive to the muslim religion. Now why would anyone make such a movie, knowing full well what reaction it gets? Was it someone who from a place of their own religious extremism attacked the other side, or was it someone who calculated the extremist zealous reactions and set the film off like a neat little time bomb? I am guessing that it was a mixture of those two.
Nothing moves extremists more than attacks on their religion and nothing is more dear to them than attacking another religion. Every logical thought is shut out and replaced by a big HRUHAAA, let’s get at ’em!
What we need to remember though is, that for every religious extremist there are hundreds of religious moderates who are able and willing to reach out to others and coexist and cooperate. People who follow the golden rule and respect other people’s opinions. People who do not like the volatile actions of the extreme fringes of their religion one bit.
What the religious moderates of all religions have to understand though, is that they have to speak up. Be it Christian, Muslim, or Jew, moderates have to work hard to make sure that extremists do not define their believes. Moderates have to stand up and say, this is not what I stand for, or they lose the ability to speak at all. Thankfully, in Libya this happened. Muslims took to the streets to demonstrate for a partnership with the American embassy and against extremist violence. It was heartwarming to see this reaction. I hope to see more of it around here as well.
Because if moderates keep quiet and just let extremists speak, soon there will not be any dialog left. There will be a big blaming of THEM on the other side and an ever wider rift in the world. For all extremists on all sides agree on one thing. They want chaos, they want conflict and they want to see the world burn.
Don’t let them.

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5 Responses to Some people just like to see the world burn

  1. All that is needed for evil to win is for good people to do nothing! If you have a presence on the interweb then you will be familiar with inflammatory media. Should we suppress the right of idiots to express unpalatable opinions to avoid other idiots using it as an excuse for violence? Because some troll insults my mother’s morals, doesn’t give me a right to execute him. Let’s all start being a bit more grown up, please! Stick and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. Making inflammatory media is stupid, stoning people to death is murder!

    • My point is though, that making inflammatory media in this case is not stupid, but evil. I think it is done knowing full well what repercussions are going to happen. I think it is a calculated and timed means to incite chaos and a stronger retaliation. Proving that ‘those guys’ are more evil than ‘we’ are. All religions have killed in the name of their faith. Appealing to logic here is futile.

  2. wysiwyg88 says:

    Zealots Stones may break my bones but Gods will never hurt me.

  3. yes inflammatory media may be made with wicked intent, it is the internet equivalent of playground bullying, and is totally reprehensible. But… the response seems to me disproportionate. Those who deny logic and reason are the real force for evil in the world. I consider myself a liberal, I wish there to be space in the world for all points of view, but the moment belief is cited as an excuse for violence, then for me the line of liberality has been crossed.

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