Getting the words out

I just submitted a story to the Three Minute Flash Fiction contest run by NPR. It was a structured little story of 600 words, following their guidelines and topic. It will be one of very many submitted stories and I do in no way expect to win. But guess what? My heart flutters and I am thinking to myself: What did I just do? It is now out there in the world to be judged. Oh no! I have another short story out in another contest like setting. It took me forever to send it off. I almost didn’t do it. I almost didn’t send this one either. My hands are still shaky, even though sending these stories off has no impact on my immediate life whatsoever. I am doing baby steps here. It might be ridiculous for all the extroverts out there, but for me, this is difficult. This here blog is another baby step and so far it is working. Maybe someday I will look at publishing and entering contests with ease. Right now the writing part seems much easier to me than getting the word, or the words out.


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One Response to Getting the words out

  1. Making art of any kind is brave. To achieve anything worth a damn there is risk, a possibility that we may fail. That one may be ridiculed or just ignored. So I congratulate you for having the courage to put your writing out there. I am no expert, but IMHO you are a skilled storyteller, that deserves to be widely read. Please keep writing and keep sharing. The more you do it the better it gets!

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