How times have changed

Last night I watched the Emmys. This was the first time in months that I watched actual TV on my TV. I had to use the mute button a lot, because there were all these commercials going on all the time. Also, some of the people onstage were much easier to stand without sound.
The stars that were nominated fell into two groups for me. The ones I was familiar with because I had watched their shows on Netflix (or they had been in a meme on tumblr), and the stars I had no idea who they were. There were a few exceptions of stars that I remembered from way back when. Although, if they hadn’t told me that that blonde lady was Jessica Lange, I wouldn’t have known.
The biggest lack in recognition happened for me in the ‘Reality’ show segment. None of the highlighted moments in that clip-show meant anything to me, because I didn’t watch any of those shows when they aired.
The show that got most of the drama Emmys was Homeland. I’ve never seen it. We do not have ShowTime. I might check it out sometime when I see the whole season on a shelf or on Netflix.

Modern family, the comedy show winner, I have seen parts of. I didn’t hold my interest. I have no patience for sitcoms.

Both Downton Abbey and Mad Men, shows that I did watch, didn’t get anything. I would have given an Emmy to Brendan Coyle who plays Bates in Downton Abbey. I would also have given an Emmy to Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones, because I just love the character of Tyrion from the Ice and Fire books and he really captured the essence of the guy in the clips I have seen from him in Game of Thrones. But I’m guessing FBI and cop shows have a much wider pull with the general audience than period drama or fantasy.

The whole miniseries or movie segment lasted way too long. I would suggest that they combine those awards and only present the overall best at the actual show. A very small percentage of viewers will have seen any of these offerings.
Two things that I enjoyed were 1. the Emmy for the Daily Show, because even if it is Emmy number ten for them, it is well deserved and Jon Steward is such a Mensch. 2. the standing ovation for Michael J. Fox, because he is showing the world that even a debilitating disease cannot keep him down.
Other than that, I found the presentation flat, the jokes not really funny and the hype somewhat unjustified. I am guessing this has much more to do with me than with the show. For I am now so much removed from the ordinary TV watching experience, that many of the people and categories have become rather foreign to me. I used to know who and what they were talking about. I used to be able to handle commercial interruptions all the time. I used to have definite ideas on who should win what in each and every category. Not anymore. I consider this a good thing.

PS: Another cool thing was Tom Hanks taping his Emmy to the hood of his car. But that wasn’t on the show. That image is on tumblr.

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