Stranger in a strange land: A top ten list

This is a repost. It was originally posted on June 18, 2010. It is still just as true.

I have been living in the US of A for quite some time now. You would think by now I should have gotten over the culture shock and turned myself nicely into an average American person.
On some levels that might be true. My open acceptance of social media and sharing much more of my personal life than absolutely necessary might be one indicator of that.
However on many fundamental levels I am still as German as can be. Maybe even more so than when I actually lived in Germany.
So let me just list ten reasons why I am still not a typical American.

1) I still can’t eat a burger without it totally disintegrating on me and spilling all over the place.
2) I still don’t consider pizza a healthy food.
3) Metric measurements make absolute sense to me. The other ones, not so much.
4) I absolutely can’t watch News shows on TV here. I want my news in a 15 minute block of straight reporting without any commercial interruptions and without a single opinion piece. Thank you very much!
5) I am still bored to death by baseball.
6) I am not interested in American football or basketball either.
7) I am still expecting firework displays on New Years Eve and not on the 4th of July. Fireworks in the summer is just wrong.
8] I still get my hackles up when Americans pronounce German lean words wrong. (It is ueber. Ueber!!! Not uber.)
9) I still don’t do ‘Thank You’ cards.
10) I still can’t recite the pledge of allegiance.

Looks like I still got a long way to go.

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