Regarding far away friends

Some of my best friends live States, Countries, even Continents away from me. That has several drawbacks, of course. One of them being the fact that I really cannot see them whenever I like. I can’t just get in the car and go visit. Another being the hassle of different time zones, which means that you have to get up damn early to get those birthday wishes in on time. Then there is always the problem of them not really knowing what is going on, because they are not in the same day to day circumstances as you are. Also getting a hug is pretty much impossible.
However, there are several positive aspects as well. With today’s technical advances, I can stay in contact with pretty much everyone, but I also have the option to not be available when I do not feel up to it. You can’t do that when someone is at your front door. For an introvert like me, that is actually very relaxing. Secondly, when I do have the need to talk to someone in the middle of the night, chances are that someone on the other side of the world is already awake and has time for me. Another positive is, that those far away friends really do not know all the acquaintances I have here and when something bothers me, they can say what they think without betraying any loyalties. They can look neutrally. They do have perspective.
Then there are the times when we do get the chance to visit. Those rare occasions when one or all parties did an extraordinary amount of travel to get together are a magical time. We know how precious those moments are, because we do not get many of them.
Lastly, those friends who are living far away from you and keep up their end of the friendship are the friends you can really count on. The people that stay with you, even if it takes some effort. They have a very different quality from many of those people who are just occupying the same space at the same time around you. So let’s hear it for our far away friends and enjoy their remotely accessed company. They may be distant in miles, but not in heart.

P.S. I also have several very good friends living close to me. Those I celebrate as well and can’t wait to see very soon, indeed.


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4 Responses to Regarding far away friends

  1. OK, I’m just going to turn up and knock on your door one day! Just Kidding :-). Your points about far-away friends are eloquently, as always, put. Thanks friend!

  2. wysiwyg88 says:

    Here here. excellently put as always Ute. I hope I have the opportunity to darkern your doorstep one day soon as it is always a highlight when I’m able to interact with my friends from far flung places.

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