Do I have to have just one genre?

If you know me a little, you might know that I am always writing one story or another. All those stories have some things in common, but what they don’t have is a unifying genre. I have written fan fiction, fantasy, adventure, historical fiction, a western, dystopias and fairy tales. There are a few poems, two scripts, and several short stories in there too and right now I just had an idea for a science fiction that has taken off with several thousand words to its body.
My ideas are just not genre specific. Some ideas lend themselves to specific time periods, some don’t. For some I like to do excessive research, for some I like to build my very own new world without being constricted by historical accuracy. I usually fit the genre to the story. I don’t write a story to fit my one genre. In my world the idea comes first.
In addition to this, it bothers me that stories are supposed to be one genre only. If you have a murder mystery that is taking place in 1359 in Vatican city and you did expansive historical research for it and it also involves a whopper of a love story, is it a mystery, historical fiction, or romance? I would think it is all of the above.
So, what am I to do with this whole genre classification?
Should I make up my mind and stick to one specific genre for the time being?
Should I adapt my stories to fit other genres? (To see how quickly you can go from western to science fiction, you only have to look at Firefly.)
Or should I forget about labeling and genre and just keep writing whatever I come up with?

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2 Responses to Do I have to have just one genre?

  1. I have enjoyed reading everything of yours I’ve managed to get my eyes on. You are a talented writer who can tell a story, develop character, argue and reason. What is genre but a pigeon hole, an artificial sub-division? Please continue to write whatever fires your enthusiasm, and let other people put it in boxes if they must.

  2. ChelseaIRL says:

    definitely abandon trying to define your genres. i know all my story ideas are all over the place and few fit neatly into one genre. and only a couple can fit into the same genre.
    personally, i hope to get published someday and let the publisher worry about genres. marketing is concerned with genres. most readers, i think, are only concerned with good or bad.

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