Favorite places

I’ve traveled to many places and have also lived in quite a few. Right now I am living in the desert and it is not really a locale that suits me well. Of course, with AC, a pool, and friends around, it is still a nice living environment, but it doesn’t feel like home for my soul. For me to be really comfortable I need a color palette of either dark blues or dark greens. This means I love to live close to the ocean or to richly forested areas. The best places have both in close vicinity. I did live on the west coast in a beach town, before we moved here and the place was just so much better for my health. I am also one of the few people who do not mind higher humidity, so the dry heat is not making me happy at all.
Now, if I could choose where I wanted to live without considerations regarding jobs, or passports, or languages, or any of those pesky bureaucratic things, I would probably end up in a sleepy little beach town in southern France. I might also go to San Francisco, earthquakes be damned. Or maybe some of the pacific islands would be nice.
I just want to be close to the ocean. For me the surf is like the breath of the earth. It calms me down. It does me good. And sooner or later I will get back to living close to it.

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2 Responses to Favorite places

  1. ChelseaIRL says:

    they always pair California with earthquakes. and sure, we do have ’em. but not nearly as often as people think.
    but speaking of moving, i feel like i could live in just about any climate (except somewhere REALLY cold) as long as i have good people around me. i feel like LA people aren’t that friendly. i want to be part of a friendly community.
    i hope you find somewhere with forests and oceans soon! 🙂

  2. Different environments have their own personality, it seems to me. The northern forest is cool damp dark and mysterious. The sub-tropical deserts are dry, clear, harsh and open. The ocean is wet, blue, grey, green, deep, endless, bottomless, but most of all relentless. I love them all. Home is where my heart is, home is where my loved ones are, home is where my friends come to talk. Nice here isn’t it?

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