Mom rush

This weekend we will have four different events, one of them a birthday party. Next week will have the start of many fall extracurricular activities and some appointments added to that. Next weekend will have at least two events as well. Then we are looking at halloween and the beginning of the mad holiday dash that goes from the end of October to sometime in the middle of January. Moms all around the US are rushed, because there is the cleaning, the cooking, the visiting, the decorating, the taking down of decorations, the re-decorating, the costume acquiring and the card writing. These things all happen in addition to the normal craziness and are what moms regard as the typical holiday season. Add NaNo to it and you can see why the last three months of the year can be very stressful.
Now, I am a very laid back mom in most things. If you don’t like how my house looks, you’re welcome to clean it. I will not labor hours over costumes on a sewing machine. I don’t even have a sewing machine. I also have no ambitions to be the perfect party host. However, I do want my kids to have a typical holiday experience. So we do the decorating and the traditional foods and the presents. I also like my house in an orderly way, so that I know where everything is. In essence, what I am looking at is a very busy time in the next two to three months, but I will try to keep it as stress free as possible.
This might mean fewer and shorter blogs on here until January. This will mean a dip in my online presence as a whole. This also means fewer reviews, because I won’t have time to watch/read/ listen to anything new.

I hope you all have a great holiday time coming up and please be nice to your moms.


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1 Response to Mom rush

  1. c4clive says:

    I completely agree with your, I don’t know what to call it, house keeping philosophy?

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