Scary things

I have the feeling that Halloween this year is a bit redundant. It is artificial scaring and therefore not that potent anyway. For the people on the east cost the weather right now is a whole lot scarier than a little spooky jack o lantern could ever be. Hurricane Sandy will destroy properties, livelihoods and lives. This storm is a killer. It already has a death toll in the 70s. Also this storm is just the beginning. If science is right, more and more stronger storms will make their way up farther north in the foreseeable future and wreck havoc all across the east coast. That, to me is very scary.
The other scary thing is, of course, the election. There is so much riding on it, that I don’t even want to think about what is going to happen if certain candidates win. To me, some of the scariest Halloween decorations this year are the yard signs supporting horrible politicians that some people have placed in their front yards.
With all this scary stuff going on, Halloween just doesn’t cut it on the scare meter anymore.


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