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Is Facebook the fast food of friendship?

I have a Facebook account and I use it regularly. I have moved many times in my life, therefore I have now many friends in places I am not anymore. Facebook is an easy way to stay in contact with … Continue reading

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Analog and manual

Some of these days I am going to get me a typewriter. I’ll write with loud clickety clack noises and waste mountains of paper. Why would I do that? Because I like old fashioned modes and tools of communication. I … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo – What is it good for?

I finished my NaNoWriMo novel on Saturday, with six days to spare. I proclaimed my win on several social networks and got, with one notable exception, a lukewarm response. Some people liked my status. Some people didn’t acknowledge the news … Continue reading

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We are more than the sum of our parts

Today’s blog is a response to this blog by my friend Chelsea. In it she laments that we are not individuals, but merely represent one example of a limited number of personality traits. That there is nothing unique about us. … Continue reading

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Holiday movies

This morning in my kids’ school I watched as the secretaries put the Christmas tree up. Yes, I know, it is a holiday tree. So I am guessing the official high time of the holiday season has now stated. And … Continue reading

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Music choices

As I am plugging ahead through this year’s NaNo, I have found that I have only two music choices this time around. Or if you want to be picky, only one. It is either silence, or opera. Yes, I know … Continue reading

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Holiday wish

There is a saying in German. “Stell dir vor es gibt Krieg und keiner geht hin.” Imagine there is war and nobody goes. That is something that I would deeply appreciate this time of year. The war I am referring … Continue reading

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