With the holiday season coming up, I see many friends going all out on their crafts. Their lives are filled with knitting, crocheting, cross stitching and a host of other crafts that involve hours of detail oriented work with flimsy material. I congratulate them on their proficiency and then I try to change topic. For I am not a crafty person at all. I never got the hang of needlework. I can only sow on buttons and darn holes, badly. I can call two knitted baby blankets to my name that took me forever. But that is it. Usually I just try to stay away from crafting as far as I can, or I help my kids and glue my fingers together in the process. I do admire people who can do these things, it is just not me.
And guess what? That is okay. I am in the privileged position not to have to rely on my handiwork. I do have have my creative outlet with writing and the occasional visual media. So don’t expect an etsy store from me anytime soon. I am just not the crafty type.

About scratchingcat

Writer, mother, friend.
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