Music choices

As I am plugging ahead through this year’s NaNo, I have found that I have only two music choices this time around. Or if you want to be picky, only one. It is either silence, or opera. Yes, I know this is weird.
I cannot listen to any music that has lyrics that I understand. Hearing text while writing text confuses me to no end. Thankfully the version of my most favorite opera that I have is in Italian. I do not speak Italian, so there is no opportunity for confusion.
The music though, will take me places. I was listening to La Nozze de Figaro, loudly when I had my best writing day so far and put down over 5000 words in one sitting. As soon as the overture starts, my fingers fly off, keeping pace with the orchestra. The experience is rather invigorating. If dear Wolfgang Amadeus were alive today, I would have to write him a thank you letter. I will have listened to him a great deal before this novel is over.

What is your most favorite music to write to? Does it vary? Do you listen to any music while you write? (Do you write?)

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One Response to Music choices

  1. I concur that music with lyrics is far too distracting when I write or study. My music of choice for study or writing is instrumental jazz. It can be hot jazz, cool jazz or even some ‘when the **** does the tune start’ jazz. Not to most people’s taste so I use headphones!

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