Holiday movies

This morning in my kids’ school I watched as the secretaries put the Christmas tree up. Yes, I know, it is a holiday tree. So I am guessing the official high time of the holiday season has now stated. And with that, all the holiday themed movies get taken out of their moth filled trunks and aired once more. Whether they are old like Miracle on 34th street and It’s a wonderful life, or wether they are comparatively new like Elf or Polar Express. There will be Ebenezer Scrooges on our screens in all kinds of variations, from the old black and white movie, through the many color version, through Bill Murray’s take all the way to Homer Simpson. I personally like the Muppets version the best. We also will not get around the Nutcracker ballet and the Grisworlds and the Kranks. Most of these holiday offerings I could live without. The only movie I am really looking forward to each year is A Christmas Story.
It is hilariously funny, but it also shows you how people lived during hard times. It is refreshing in it’s perspective and at the same time it very succinctly rails agains commercialism, both the general kind (Be sure to drink your Ovaltine, What!?!?!?) and the Christmas kind (HoHoHo kick!).
It also has strong characters in all family members. The mom may be quiet, but she sure has her own agenda. The dad is loud, but has a good heart and both boys are distinctive in their own way. And the whole turkey replacement dinner scene is the funniest I have ever seen in a holiday movie ever.

So, now I told you my favorite holiday movie. What is yours?


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