Is Facebook the fast food of friendship?

I have a Facebook account and I use it regularly. I have moved many times in my life, therefore I have now many friends in places I am not anymore. Facebook is an easy way to stay in contact with them and see their families grow.
However, I do not update on everything I do and experience. I might not even update for days. I do not upload thousands of pictures. I do not play games on it. And I do not ever poke people.
Also, I do not understand people who have 600 or 700 friends on Facebook, or even more. How can you be friends with that many people at once? There is no way you can give each and every one of them the amount of attention they deserve to be called a friend. All you can do is maybe see a snapshot of their lives every once in a while in your timeline. Hi, like, bye.
A friend, in my book, is someone who doesn’t mind if I show up at their door at 3 am with a problem. Someone who will take time for me and is honest and straight forward in their approach. I am willing to be that friend to my friends as well.
As for repeated game invites. If I don’t respond to the first 15, maybe you should take note and not send me the 16th? The same goes to birthday calendar requests. I can see your birthday anyway and you can see mine. Also, what is poking good for? It does not carry any message or meaning, apart from ‘I am annoying.’ Who would want to come across as such? It is the epitome of a missed chance of communication. If you want to talk with me, write a message. Even better, write a letter, call me, come by.
In all this effortless social networking, I appreciate it so much more, if people take the time and take the effort to really connect. It might be through a FB message, or chat; it might be through a skype call or chat; it might be through a response video. Please, just make sure that your connection has the effort of a full blown meal, instead of a left over fast food chicken nugget.

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3 Responses to Is Facebook the fast food of friendship?

  1. wysiwyg88 says:

    This has got to be one of my favourite blogs to date. You outlined all the issues I have with friends of Facebook and my concerns about the term being marginalized.

  2. At the risk of being a bit of McFlurry I just want to agree with you. I’ve never poked anyone, well at least not in a Facebook way! There are a number of people (friends even), that I do communicate with via Facebook, because that is their sole social networking outlet. They don’t Tweet, Skype, ICQ or whatever. So Facebook will remain one of my most used bookmarks!

  3. Dome Woo says:

    I have to agree with you on this one. What people do nowadays on facebook is mostly liking and sharing stuff. If people would be that cheerful and caring IRL, the world would be at peace. (Can I be the hot apple pie pocket – die heiße Apfeltasche? I have no idea how that thing is called in the U.S.!)
    There is something else that is odd about this “instant friendship”-facebook phenomenon: A lot of people from school, especially those that never really spoke to me or the ones that gave me grief, are rather nice to me and I came to see that I wasn’t the only who changed for the better.

    I seriously do hate the poking feature, it is like someboy is trying to push your “online” buttons. One person kept poking me over a a period of a couple of months. Whenever he “poked” me – great, this doesn’t sound like a euphemism at all – I sent him a message: “Hi! How are you?”
    He never replied for quite some time but then one day he just wrote “?”, That’s when I told hom off for poking me without having a reason.

    I just slowly am getting back to use my multiple online devices: skype, twitter and etc. I am looking forward on having some more conversations with you young lady!

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