So what?

Yesterday I saw a tumblr post: Shia LaBeouf wears crocs.
Complete with picture and some drawn in arrows to the offensive footwear. I fail to see how this is in any way, shape, or form relevant to me. Why should I care what this man does, wears, or says? He is an actor. I’ve seen him in a couple of movies. His life and my life have nothing to do with each other. Leave the guy be.
I also do not understand why I should care about the lives of reality stars, who mostly only have the talent to be in your face loud and attention hogging; sport stars; or royalty. None of these people have any experiences, or knowledge that I could use in my life. They are all hounded by predatory press. So called tabloid journalists, who most likely want to see the celebrities fail and be miserable. I don’t need to enjoy the daily battles of other people to feel happy. I hope most of my contemporaries do not need that either.
Following people who are famous for their looks, their birth status, or their money is one of the most vapid things I can think of. Thrown in the mix are people who turn celebrities because of their talent. Those I might have an interest in. But I want to hear from them on their own terms. I want to see interviews that they have agreed to. I want to support their art. I do not want them hounded in their daily lives by ruthless trivia hunters who snap pictures without consent and get offended by a pair of shoes.

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2 Responses to So what?

  1. Saw the title and thought So What – Miles Davis, one of my favourite tunes a great musician and a not very nice man by most accounts. At least he was famous for making music, unlike the modern phenomenon of people who seem to be famous for being famous. Vapid just about sums up this obsession that most be very popular judging by the about of coverage the mass media devotes to it. Glad I don’t get exposed to it too much!

  2. Dome Woo says:

    I have to agree with you. I am not even following the boulevard magazines/sites, since that is just a waste of time. As if these celebreties would be interested in what other people have to say about them. I know that some of them do, but the majority doesn’t. Why people feel the need to know what these “stars” are wearing, where they are eating or with whom they are sleeping together, is beyond me!
    One possible explaination: Some people are so bored by their own lives, that they feel the need to only talk about other people’s lives, instead of talking about ideas or themselves, because looking into the mirror can sometimes be a shock for them.

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