It boggles the mind

Sometimes I get to communicate with people that are so different, so other from me, that I have a hard time believing they are real. There is this online group I participate in at times. People in there express their political views and one of them is what I can only call a full on bigot. He is racist, he is sexist, he has made statements that make me wonder if he will go out on a shooting spray someday, because he paranoia took him overboard. And he means every word of it.
He also thinks that my more open, inclusive and community oriented ways are utterly laughable.
I do not really get offended by him. I usually just stand by and marvel at him, much like Spock marvels at the foibles of the human race. I have thought ‘fascinating’ more than once when reading those uninformed diatribes.
I still have a tough time believing that people who are so close minded actually exist. This guy is more a caricature of the so called values he stands for than a three dimensional person. It is not easy to imagine this guy complexly, because there is not much complexity to begin with. He is also utterly predictable in his stupidity.
For me, talking with this guy is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to learn that people like this really exist. It is an opportunity to practice patience and good will, and it is an opportunity to reinforce the necessity of education, travel and communication so that we will have less people like him in the future. As bad examples go, this guy is great.

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