Scary days

As I am writing this, news are coming in from a school shooting in an elementary school in Connecticut. Yes, someone went into an elementary school and started shooting people. The story is still developing and it is not clear yet, how many people were shot, if any of the people shot were children and if any of the people shot are dead. The only thing confirmed is, that the shooter is now dead. There are also reports swirling around that there is/was a second shooter, but there is no confirmation on that either.
Why am I writing about this?
I am a parent with two kids in elementary school and this story, this event hit me like a punch to the gut. I am sure that most parents who watch this story unfold have the same visceral reaction. You get your heart beating really fast, you want to rush to your children’s school and hug them really tight. The urge to protect your own is overwhelming.
As I am volunteering in my kids’ school a lot, I have been part of many drills. Among them were two lockdown drills and an entire evacuation drill to a safe place away from school. I know how quick and efficient those procedures are handled. It is a matter of minutes. Everyone in the school knows exactly what to do and the whole thing happens very orderly. So that is giving me a bit more piece of mind, than if I had never witnessed those procedures.

But still, I can’t even imagine how the parents of the concerned school could handle the news. They were advised not to go to the school and not to call. And even knowing that this makes sense on a logical plane, as they would interrupt procedures, it still goes against every gut reaction any parent will have. Add to this the news that at least one child might be severely injured or dead and you can see how those affected parents must be going out of their skull.
I hope that this situation ends with an as minimal amount of bloodshed as possible. I hope that the school community of this town will rally around those who are affected by the shooting and I hope nobody else will ever have to go through what these children, parents, teachers and staff are going through right now.

Edit: This is so much worse than it looked one hour ago. I can’t even describe how horrified I am by the news of 18 kindergarten kids and several teachers/staff shot dead. This place needs a new school. Nobody should make the children, parents and teachers go back there.


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