All doctored out

We have been going to so many doctors, dentists, orthodontists, labs and whatnot with the kids in the past few weeks, that I am happy if I don’t have to see the inside of another doctor’s office for years. Alas, that will not be the case. I will have to schedule another appointment in a mere half hour. Most of those appointments are not only exhausting and annoying, they also fall within regular school hours. I am always amazed by the blasé attitude of doctors’ offices when it comes to missing school. It is usually that time for this procedure, or no time at all. I understand that you can only schedule so many people per day, but the ‘so what’ attitude of some of the front office people irks me somewhat.
Thankfully, I only have two kids to take care of and ensure their well being. I do not have any idea how moms with four or more kids do it. They must have a special agreement with the universe that grants them 48 hours per day. Otherwise I don’t know what they do and how they do it. I shall ask them sometime and report back to you.
With all those kid doctor visits going on, I, of course, did not have the time to schedule any check up or health visit for myself this year. Maybe next year? Your guess is as good as mine whether I will make it.

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One Response to All doctored out

  1. Just bare (bear) in mind, we humans have survived most of human history (and prehistory) without doctors, dentists orthodontists and whatnot. So yes Mum (Mom) must provide the best care she can, but don’t beat yourself up too much for failing to achieve the impossible, and most important of all remember that Mum (Mom) needs care and love too, or the whole kit (and kaboodle) may come crashing down!

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