It’s 2013!

Apparently, I needed a break. I now weathered winter break and holidays, the flu and various ailments, meetings and outings, and editing the NaNo novel. I also made it into the new year without trouble. Happy New Year! And I am back.
As is tradition at the start of a new year, that arbitrary cut off in time, which is a strange construct in itself, I have resolved to improve myself and to bring myself out into the world more. One of my goals is to get published this year, or at least get the process started. I want to get the ball rolling, so to speak.
Now knowing me and my cluster ball of fears, you might wonder why I am setting this goal. The answer is, because life is more interesting that way. If I fret about my books; oscillating between this is utter crap which my never ending hubris keeps forcing on innocent people and this might actually be a good read; I am at least not bored. If I have some challenge in front of me, I am looking forward. A life without just a little fear and hyperventilation is just stuck in a rut. I can have that any old time.
Part of this new goal includes sprucing up this here blog. I will work on an About page this week. If you have any thoughts on what I really should include there, let me know. I will also try to make the regular sites a little more exciting. My blogging schedule will return to its normal Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine by next week.
Thank you to everyone who did come by to read my blog, even though I did not post for three weeks.


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1 Response to It’s 2013!

  1. Corlia MPK says:

    Go for it!

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