All I can offer is friendship and stories

Do you have friends who are renaissance men and women? Friends who can work wonders with a sewing machine while cooking a six course dinner from scratch with ease? Friends who knit, crochet, build tree houses and go water rafting, all the while filming themselves and posting excellent How To videos on youtube? Friends who have so many talents that you need more than ten fingers to count them?
Well, I do and I admire them greatly. I also envy them a great deal. I would like to be like them. You know, playing a great song on guitar while fixing someone’s computer just by looking at it. Who would not want that?
I also have to concede that I will never be one of them. I can’t play an instrument. I can’t do needlework properly. When it comes to arts and crafts, I glue my hands together more often than not. I do not like to cook at all. My relationship with food is complicated, to say the least. I also dislike editing videos with a passion, which makes me a very bad youtuber. (Apart from the fact that as a female on youtube you have to be 16 and have big boobs, otherwise nobody will watch you.)
All I am good at is being a friend and writing stories. I was always someone who was happy to help and be there for others and I was always someone who liked to write. This is me. This is who I am. I have a strong interest in the world around me and I have been reading and writing ever since I can remember.
Sometimes I combined the two. For example after I finished my first practicum at a preschool to get into the German Social Work program, I wrote the kids a story as a good bye gift. They loved it.
When I worked with kids or people with cognitive disabilities, I loved to do inventive story time. The kids would come up with one or two sentences and I would make up an ad hoc story, which they could take up at any time.
So as you can see, I am a one trick pony. However, I do like my trick just fine. I, for one, think that friendship and stories are enough. Even though I will probably still be envious of those renaissance guys from time to time.

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Writer, mother, friend.
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2 Responses to All I can offer is friendship and stories

  1. But you’re a great friend and you can actually start and finish your writing projects! That’s magic. As a person constantly doing 50 things at once, being able to sit down and do one thing, be good at it, then actually finish it? That is just amazing to me.

  2. wysiwyg88 says:

    One trick pony? That’s a little harsh Ute. You can do many things. One of them however captures your imagination and passion and you strive to better you ability and thereby your enjoyment of it. My dad is one of these jack of all trades people to whom I think you’re referring. I do envy him his ability to turn his hand to almost anything. I really enjoy acting. It has long been the one thing I can do even slightly over averagely well in most of the time, but I don’t define myself by it. At least not totally. I am many things and so are you, and they all go towards defining us as a whole. Sam Burns: Actor, Vlogger, Occasional philosopher, Man, English, 20-something, Nerdfighter, Vegetarian, Guitarist, Atheist, Student, Dyspraxic, Skoda Driver, Twitterer, Short, Gamer, Terrible Juggler…These are all things I am and have to “Offer” people (sometimes whether they like it or not) but I don’t see any one as more definitive of me than any of the others necessarily. Don’t sell yourself short by feeling like one aspect of yourself (even if its a large one) is all you have to give.

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