To the conference I go

Saturday it rained in sheets. Thick fog filled every space of air that wasn’t covered in rain. Who had to drive through this soup? I had to. Who had to be up at 7 am on a Saturday? Who didn’t look up where to go and ended up in the wrong location? And who whoosched by the right location, because visibility was zero because of the rain? Who then ended up being almost an hour late? And who forgot to bring paper or something to drink or snack? All of the above would be me.
And guess what? The event in question was the very first writers conference I attended and not one of those mishaps prevented me from having a blast.
The day was set up with three lectures and a lunch that included a talk.
The lectures were given by local, or somewhat local, published YA authors. Boy, they knew what they were talking about. The lectures also didn’t turn out to be too top down either. We had a lot of interactions, exercises, and Q&A periods.
I learned a lot, met a bunch of very talented and lovely people and know now better where I stand in regards to readiness.
I can only recommend going to events like these. I am sure, I will do this some more.

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One Response to To the conference I go

  1. Glad you had a grand day out! Rain in sheets, this seems oh so familiar, here.

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