I do like Haikus

Three days ago now
the great author Chuck Wendig
posted on his site:

Flash Fiction Challenge:
Three Haikus tell one story.
I took that challenge

Haikus are poems.
wherein you count syllables.
This is what I wrote:

Wet, cold and foggy.
We sneak through the dark forest.
My heart beats faster.

A startled deer stares.
I watch as he aims and shoots.
A bullet rips flesh.

Another shot tears.
Who else is in this forest?
My hand is blood red.

I had fun with this.
I doubt I will win something.
Others are better.

I have learned with this
little writing exercise
that I like Haikus.


About scratchingcat

Writer, mother, friend.
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2 Responses to I do like Haikus

  1. wysiwyg88 says:

    10/10 for adherence to form.

  2. I like haikus, too.
    They make my brain do the work
    I should write them more.

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