Oh Valentine’s day – Some useful tips on how you can show appreciation all year round

Each year the 14th of February comes around with the usual shenanigans. Couples are supposed to enjoy the day with flowers, candy, jewelry, and anything pink. School kids are supposed to hand out boxes of cards to their class mates and are judged by the quality of the candy treats attached to those cards. Single people get grumpy, because it is SAD Single Awareness Day.
I have said before how ridiculous I find a day of ordered turtledove loving activity. I don’t appreciate people on schedule. I either do or don’t all year round. But instead of ranting about this peculiar holiday, I thought I would list some creative ideas to show how you can disperse appreciation all year round.

1) Give hugs.
They feel good. They can fit into every schedule. They don’t gross out kids or the general public.

2) Ask: “How was your day?” Then take the time to really listen.

Nothing feels better than being taken seriously and really having someone’s undivided attention. It can brighten up a really bad day.

3) Get something your loved one really wants when you first notice him or her wanting it.

It can be a book they want, a song download, or the fancy olive oil they really like. It can be a sticker, or the crazy orange firefly wool hat. No matter. If you notice your sweetheart looking longingly at something and then forgoing it, because of their practical side, take note and just make it happen.

4) Give them space to do something by themselves.

This works especially well with introverts who need to deal with being crowded. So, take the kids to the park. Make sure the football watching party or the scrapbooking club meeting is at someone else’s house. Do whatever you can to defend your loved one’s alone time. You’ll get a big ‘Thank You’ later.

5) Keep your promises.

If you say you bring the garbage out, do it. If you promised to be home eleven, be home by eleven. (Or at least call if you can’t make it on time.) If you say that you will buy the fancy pizza, go get that one and not the one from the other store. This way your loved one knows that they can trust you and rely on you and that is just a darn good feeling.

There are, of course, many other things you can do to make your loved one feel special. However, if you start off with these five, you will already have made their day at least once. And doing these little things all year round is a lot more sincere than buying flowers on one day, that will go bad in a short amount of time and are not that healthy for you to begin with.


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