Are nerds mainstream now?

This is my response to the Fireside Hangout that happened yesterday.

I have been a nerd all my life and a nerdfighter since it came into existence sometime in 2007. I have always liked reading books more than anything else. I had a crush on Mr. Spock since I can remember. Science and logic have always intrigued me. I am endlessly curious and once I find something interesting, I don’t shy away from being enthusiastic about it. When I grew up, this meant that I usually ended up being on my own.
I had the good fortune to find a fellow nerd to fall in love with, marry and have kids with. However, we were never in the cultural mainstream. The nerd image that was presented to us usually was either a target for ridicule, a butt of jokes, or a snobbish, unlikeable fellow, who used their smarts for evil.
Nerds were seen as inaccessible and arrogant as well as socially incapable. You had to be more down to earth; a buddy to go hang out an drink a beer with. Male nerds were seen as somewhat suspicious and female nerds were seen as downright threatening. As a woman, you were not supposed to come with logic, reason and knowledge.You were supposed to come with emotions and admiration toward the beer guzzler opposite you.
Lately though, perceptions seem to have shifted. I think it started with the tech boom in the 90s, took a break for a while in the early 2000s, and is now in full swing. Nerds are cool.
People are nowadays more informed than they have ever been. Movies and TV shows include nerds and most of them show nerds in a positive light now. Understanding and teaching science and history does not make you the most boring person at the party, far from it. The ranks of nerds are growing and nerds all over the world are well connected to each other. Attendance of nerd oriented conferences and conventions is rising exponentially and the President of the United States knows what DFTBA means.

I was a nerd before it was cool. I do say I like this new development.


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3 Responses to Are nerds mainstream now?

  1. …and the nerds shall inherit the Earth!

  2. wysiwyg88 says:

    The geek have inherited the earth.

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