An Oscar 2013 recap

The Oscars happened last night and I happened to watch them. So let me tell you all the things that I did like.

Tommy Lee Jones laughing.
Daniel Radcliffe singing and dancing and obviously enjoying himself doing just that.
Christopher Waltz winning an Oscar.
Paperman winning an Oscar.
Brave winning an Oscar.
Jennifer Hudson on stage.
Christopher Plummer saying: “Pick on somebody your own size” and then going on being his regal self.
Anne Hathaway winning an Oscar and being absolutely adorable about it.
Adele singing.
Hedwig’s theme being played at the Oscars. (Finally!)
Barbra Streisand singing. Best performance of the night.
Adele winning an Oscar and being overwhelmed.
Jennifer Lawrence winning an Oscar.
Jennifer Lawrence existing.
Daniel Day Lewis winning his 3rd Oscar.
Daniel Day Lewis providing the funniest jokes of the night with his acceptance speech.
Ben Affleck winning an Oscar for Argo.
Ben Affleck giving an honest and emotional acceptance speech.

These were the moments I enjoyed very much.
As for the host, Seth McFarlane? Let me quote Lady Violet Crawley here: “Vulgarity is no substitute for wit.”

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