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The anticipation of stress is stress

It’s remarkable how much stress I could avoid if I just didn’t give a damn until the last possible moment. It doesn’t matter if this concerns small events like “I hope the kids don’t fight’ or large events like ‘I … Continue reading

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I really respect excellence. Whenever I am in a working environment, I look at the people around me and figure out who is really good at what they are doing. Usually it doesn’t take long for me to find them. … Continue reading

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Expiration date?

When do cultural references run out of their expiration date? When are things or people just so far away from the general knowledge base that using them in conversations does nothing else than showing how truly old the person talking … Continue reading

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When I grow up

I have a ‘when I grow up’ list. These are things I want to do, or look forward to do in the future. Things that I don’t feel ready for yet. I know many people who have bucket lists. Lists … Continue reading

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Book research

I am researching for my next NaNo novel right now. It falls into the category of historical fiction. I don’t want to give away when and where it is supposed to play. However, I have discovered that material about this … Continue reading

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No more dead silence

I can’t stop thinking about what happened and is continuing to happen in Steubenville. For those of you unaware of the story: Several high school football players drugged an ex-girlfriend of one of the playes. After she was unconscious they … Continue reading

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When are you ready to roll?

This is my 100th post. Can you believe it? I certainly can’t. Woohoo! Confetti! Fluffy kittens! Lately I have received critiques from fellow writers on my current book draft. Those people did not know me personally and had no reason … Continue reading

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