Part of a community

When are you part of a community and when aren’t you anymore?

For years I have considered myself a youtuber. I watched many videos, subscribed to interesting channels, made a ton of friends and had a good amount of videos up on my own channel.
Then youtube took off with changes that make it easier for big youtubers to get bigger and ignore the little guys. I also lost interest in many of the bigger youtubers I used to follow, because I could see the same blueprint of success in many of their videos and after a while it just didn’t feel new anymore.
Nowadays I still watch some videos. Mostly I watch the videos my friends make. I haven’t uploaded a new video in a long time and I simply haven’t the time anymore to watch as much as I used to. However, I still go to the biggest youtube conference/convention there is, simply to hang out with my friends, to talk to all those talented youtubers I know, and to help the event to be successful.
So, am I still a youtuber? Am I part of that community?
I think yes, I always will be.

Recently I have begun in earnest to pursue writing. In addition to writing my little heart out, I have tried to do more of the things that authors do. I bought books to help me with grammar and sentence structure issues. I gave my drafts to interested Beta readers and listened to their impressions. I followed writerly types on twitter. I payed attention to the ins and outs of publishing and the different options that are available. I started to go to local conferences and workshops. I went to author readings and generally got to know people at my local bookstore.
I still have to go to the bigger cons yet and I still haven’t put all my efforts into finding an agent and putting my best foot forward. I still feel that my product could be more polished before I send it out into the world.
So, am I a writer? Am I part of that community?
I think yes, I’m getting there.


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Writer, mother, friend.
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2 Responses to Part of a community

  1. wysiwyg88 says:

    By definition if you are participating in the community you are part the community. Something tells me we’ve not seen the last Scratchingcat video. Nor have we seen a fraction of your eventual writing output

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