What I want for my daughter

Today is international women’s day. There is a need for this day all over the world, because women are still being oppressed everywhere. Of course the degree varies. Having a discussion on the choice to wear or not wear make-up is not on the same level as having to plead not to get part of your sexual organs cut off or getting the chance to learn to read. Nevertheless, all these things are manifestations of the same oppressive framework. With that in mind, let me tell you what I wish for the little girl growing up in my house; my own daughter who will be a woman in no time.

I want my daughter to grow up in an as equal environment as possible.
I want her to get the level of education she aspires to, no matter how long that takes.
I want her to be paid for the merit and the quality of her work.
I want her to be respected and not talked down to.
I want her to speak up and speak up again and again, should she be ignored the first time.
I want her to feel safe when she walks home at night.
I want her to know that it is okay to be weak every once in a while. It is okay for her and it is okay for her brother.
I want her to be able to be enthusiastically excited about things she likes.
I want her to feel free to be as boyish and as girly as she wants.
I want her to know that housework and chores are everyone’s business.
I want her to be appreciated not only because of her looks, but because of her character and her intelligence.
I want her to appreciate others for those same reasons.
I want her to treat her own body respectfully, because that is the only one she’s got.
I want her to know that nobody else has the right to judge her for the choices she makes.
I want her to realize that a lot of expectations thrown at her are BS.
I want her to call out the BS and don’t put up with it.
I want her to have many varied experiences and I want her to make up her own mind about them.
I want her to know that messing up and being bad at something is part of life. There is no way around that. Otherwise how are we supposed to learn?
I want her to be nice and understanding toward her fellow females. In a world that is already tough on us, we have to support each other.
I want her to be the one at sporting events that is being cheered.
I want her to have male and female friends that enrich her life.
I want her to know that being submissive will not make her partner a better person.
I want her to know that her mom will always be her ally, no matter what challenges she faces.
I want her to feel accomplished.
I want her to be happy.

There is still a lot of work to be done to turn all of my wishes into reality. Onward we go!

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4 Responses to What I want for my daughter

  1. Love your post! And I want the same for my two daughters.

  2. wysiwyg88 says:

    Thank you Ute. That is precisely what I would wise for any daughter of mine. I really hope many people, mothers especially see this post. I shall reblog it with your permission and share it with whom I can.

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