OMG IRL! Or going to the book festival

It is spring break. The kids are home and it is noon in a blink of an eye. So for the next two weeks don’t expect early morning blogs. It just won’t happen. Good? Good.

On Saturday we (hubby, son, daughter and I) went to the Tucson book festival. It was wet and windy. It was an almost two hour drive to get there. It was awesome!
Because, first of all, there were books. Tons of books. More books than you could pack into a fleet of school busses. All genres and all ages were represented. From the lonely western guy who had tracked the AZ desert to the romance writer with 75 books on the market, to the children’s book illustrator who got her first book out. And if you know anything about me by now, it should be that books make me happy.
Then they had workshops. So someone like me, who tries to get going into the business could actually learn something. That’s a great community service right there.
Add to that many activities for kids, a whole bunch of science, and some good food and you see why the rest of my family also enjoyed it.
However, the biggest positive factor was that there were so many authors there. Authors who did signings. Authors who did workshops. Authors who walked the festival and met with other authors. Being among so many creative people made me feel a real sense of community. To introduce some youtube lingo here: I saw a whole lot of content creators interacting with each other and admiring each other’s works. Authors who have written books I love were fanboying and fangirling over authors they had admired their whole life. Seeing them doing this made them more endearing and more human to me. Being able to express my appreciation to authors I like, simply made me feel good.
I will return to the book festival next year. i will also try to attend more workshops, readings, and meet ups. Because even though reading and writing are solitary activities I can do inside my house, taking part in the vivid exchange of the community in real life adds another beautiful dimension to the experience.

So, see you all next year!


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