When I grow up

I have a ‘when I grow up’ list. These are things I want to do, or look forward to do in the future. Things that I don’t feel ready for yet.

I know many people who have bucket lists. Lists that consist of things they want to do before they die. I have a friend who has a very long and very public bucket list for example. Each time I check it, I have done a great many more things on his list than he has. It is rather fun to check his list.

My ‘when I grow up’ list is similar to those bucket lists, but not the same. First, my list is not so much a list of longing as it is a list of challenging me. I will be fine if I never do any one of the things on my list. I won’t feel unaccomplished.
Second, my list is open ended. If I haven’t done it yet, I’m not grown up enough for it yet.
So what good is this list, if I can cop out at any time?
It makes me think. The items on that list are on my mind and I always have something to look forward to.

Some things have only to do with geography and me being lazy. For example, I want to go to Wootstock and that has never happened anywhere near me. Should that show happen in my vicinity, I will go there.
Another thing on the list is going to Burning Man. I don’t do well with heat, dust and no indoor plumbing. I still want to see the festival at one point in time. Therefore I need to convince my comfort loving body at some point to just get over it. It will probably happen, but not this year.

I am well aware that I run the risk of missing those shows/festivals altogether. However I also missed the Ratpack playing Vegas and I am still fine.

Another thing on my list is to design my own house. For this I need a boat load of money and an architect who is as least as crazy as I am. Neither of those has materialized yet.

Also on my list is learning to ride a Rip-Stick. I need to get on that before my bones are too brittle to not go shatter at the first fall. I better do that before I’m 70.

I also want to move back to the ocean. If climate change keeps going like it has, the ocean might be moving close to me. We will see who reaches the other first.

And of course, when I grow up I want to be an old woman. An old, liberal, tolerant, feisty, and people loving woman.


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  1. wysiwyg88 says:

    Like is not a strong enough word for my feelings about this post. đŸ™‚

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