I really respect excellence.

Whenever I am in a working environment, I look at the people around me and figure out who is really good at what they are doing. Usually it doesn’t take long for me to find them. I am sure you know several people like that as well. At least I hope you do. Some of the characteristics of excellence I have found are:

That the job gets done in a quick and efficient manner.
That there is a high level of politeness and courtesy.
That questions get answered right away. (I don’t know, let me find out is a perfectly acceptable answer btw.)
That the work is done when it was said it would be done every time. (Reliability).
When there is discussion on improving things that don’t work out so well.
But there is no excessive complaining.
When feelings of personal importance are not clogging the work flow.

So, I am rather more impressed by people who show me an encouraging smile and get their work done, than by people who like to hear themselves talk and consider themselves a celebrity, because of the job title they’re holding.
I just really respect excellence.

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3 Responses to Excellence

  1. Meg says:

    I couldn’t agree more! This should just be common sense, right??

  2. Excellent, says Mr M Burns 🙂

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