Fooled ya!

Today is April fool’s day and I find it distinctly not funny. Yes, you can go ahead an imagine me as a grumpy old cat, sitting in front of my computer screen. That should be about right.
I just have a very strong sense of right and wrong and I see pranks as one person deliberately hurting another person and then ridiculing them. Granted, the hurt is usually rather small, however the mindset behind it doesn’t seem cheerful to me. It just seems to be mean.
This thinking of mine is not only limited to today. Pranks, fibs, lies, enjoyment out of the harm of others and mirth from someone else’s shame do not make me laugh. They make me re-evaluate my level of friendship with whomever does or enjoys the pranking.
You see, I also have high levels of empathy. So whenever someone gets hurt, slighted, or treated badly, I feel for them. No, I feel with them. What would I think if it were me? Would I like this? In what way is me being put into an unfortunate situation hilarious?
Thankfully I do not have to deal with pranks that often. None of my family and very few of my friends ever felt the need to prank me at all. And the few times someone tried, they failed, because I am suspicious by nature.
So yeah, keep your holiday. I’m not going to laugh at the embarrassment of other people. It’s not my cup of tea.


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4 Responses to Fooled ya!

  1. wysiwyg88 says:

    I don’t mind it but I think too often April fools day is misinterpreted as “Free Pass to be a Dick” day.

  2. excuse my murdering of the German language but.. schadenfeude nicht gute

    • Schadenfreude is different. The person who experiences it didn’t do anything to cause the harm to the other person in the first place. Usually Schadenfreude happens when someone who was mean or oppressive comes to harm by accident and the people who got oppressed in the first place feel a bit of cosmic satisfaction. But you’re right, as a character trait it is also not good.

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