The wonder of science

Warning: Nerdy post ahead.

Sometimes I look at science discoveries and marvel at just how cool the whole thing is. I don’t even necessarily understand every aspect of the thing presented, but I am in awe.
For example, we now know that there is water, or the possibility for water on mars. How cool is that? We are not talking about little green men who left a human face on mars anymore. We just said: “Hey, why don’t we go and check it out?” We first got better cameras and learned that the face was just a rock formation and that we saw a face in it proved to teach us more about how our own brains work than about any alien intentions. Then we actually got there and now 3 rovers so far have explored the place. And they found that there is life on mars, or at least the possibility of life on mars on a molecular level. And that opens doors to a whole new world of discovery.
Or if you look at physics. My husband used to levitate metal. He was working in solid state physics and he had a contraption that had some metal levitating around in it. How cool is that? Now he works in Nanotechnology, which is rather cool itself.
Or if you look at biology. Year after year we learn more about our bodies and the illnesses that befall them. We can now replace a host of major organs. We know that we have some cells walking with a swagger along other cells and medicine can now transplant faces.
All these things fascinate me, because I rather like to know how the world works. All these discoveries lead to new questions and open new possibilities. Scientists have an endless curiosity to go on and find out ever more about the world, the universe and everything. And if they do, I’ll read about it and keep cheering them on.

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