Some people stick out

Margaret Thatcher died today.
A great many people are now either eulogizing and honoring her, or are wishing her a final good riddance. However, very few people are indifferent to the news.
For me, she symbolizes the era of British politics in the 80s. She was the face of harsh economics. She was also one of the most prominent faces of Splitting Image. She brings back memories of the last leg of the cold war, the Reagan White House, Gorbachev and his perestroika, strikes and protests and abandoned steal worker towns. She was there when history was made. She made history herself. Her view of the world is still around these days and has her name on it.
She also sent soldiers to die and took away the livelihoods of many families. She made as many enemies as she made friends, maybe more. She proved that toughness is not a question of gender. She stands out as either an icon or a warning to us all.
She is one of those people who lead a very large life. She worked hard and was successful at what she did. Even though many people question if she should have done many of those things in the first place. She was an exceptional leader and a force to be reckoned with. She certainly left a mark on this world. Whether you think it is a beauty or a scar is up to you.

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