The question of when

I haven’t written anything substantial in weeks and guess what? I’m fine with that. For my creativity comes in waves. I have times when I sit down in front of the computer and all I do is goof off and hang out on social network sites. I have times when I just read a lot, or finish watching a TV series. I have times when I am busy with my life and don’t easily find my way into the lives of my characters. Those are the times when my brain is in collection mode and mulling things over.
Then I have time when I need to write so bad that I shut anything but the most necessary out and just sit down, fingers flying over the keyboard and don’t stop until I reach that time-flies-by-nirvana-state that turns the whole exercise into magic.
It is a question of input and output. If my brain is running dry or if it is overworked, it won’t give me something. If I have been working and combining several impressions and my brain had time to put its spin on it, I turn out story after story and idea after idea.
Of course I still do sit down everyday and see what happens if I just go ahead an write. However, if I only come up with two sentences and a high score on solitaire, I don’t panic. It doesn’t mean that I will not write anything good ever again. It just means that today is not the day for a major opus. I trust my brain to get back into the groove of it. So far it always has.

I am pretty sure I am not the only one writing like this. What is your writing style? Is it similar to mine? Do you have ups and down in output too or are you pretty level with your production of words and stories? Let me know.


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