Where art thou?

I am looking at my site stats and seeing three zero days in a row. I am rather baffled by this, because I have gotten over 10 likes in those three days. Does this mean that people just liked the title without reading? Does it mean that the views I got were not counted? Does it mean that wordpress is broken? Is my perseverance here warranted or am I just screaming into the void?
Should you read this, please leave me a simple comment like ‘read’ or ‘I saw it” so that I know where I’m at. Thank you!


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5 Responses to Where art thou?

  1. Sam says:

    Apologies. I do try to make an effort to read everything you write and like it if I like it (which is frequently) Sometimes however I feel all I can do to amplify your words is to like and share rather than adding anything. I fear that run the risk of repeating myself to often in my praise of your work.

    • I just wanted so see if I get comments without getting views. That is not the case. However, something is fishy, I had to approve your comment and you are one of the always approved people on here. So I’m still not convinced that wordpress is all well. But I do thank you for your swift and lovely response.

  2. Reddit! Often I read your post in full in the email notification that WordPress sends to me. To make a comment I have to open this webpage and then click on ‘comments’ to see the Leave a Reply box.

  3. I read your posts mostly from the email updates from wordpress. Didn’t realize that it doesn’t actually count as a hit. That’s odd. But hey, I’m here, and I love it.

    • Apparently if you read it in the email it doesn’t count. It is not a big deal though, because after figuring this out I decided I am not bonkers. 🙂 I can have likes with no views and that’s all I needed to know.

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