Take care of yourselves

As this week filled with traumatic news comes to an end, I want to stress one aspect of the consumption of news coverage that I did not fully mention on Wednesday.
It can be too much and not good for your health.
Several psychologists are looking now into the possibility of media-induced PTSD.
What this means is, that watching the news with traumatic events, seeing gruesome images and videos and constantly worrying about worst case scenarios while checking twitter and police scanners every second can lead to having symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. Or to put it in stark layman’s terms: It messes with your body and your brain.
So, do me a favor. Allow yourself to turn off the TV, to turn off the radio and social media and to relax. Take a walk, listen to relaxing music, take a nap. Do things that bring your stress levels down and keep your mind at ease.
The news will be there whether you follow it or not. You can take a break. And most of us can’t do anything to change a local situation anyway. Resist the urge to be super informed and worried. Take a deep breath instead.
The only people who need to know what is going on are those who are in the immediate area of violence. They of course have to listen to news and updates to stay safe. They will need help with their traumatic experiences later. However, I think it is in our best interest not to end up as a traumatized nation.

You do not need to seek out the darkness when you can still enjoy the light.

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One Response to Take care of yourselves

  1. Excellent advice! Sometimes it is so hard to just turn off the news and stop focusing on the darkness. Media-induced PTSD is definitely real! Thankfully my husband can’t stand listening to it for hours on end either so we glean the important points and just maintain blissful ignorance with the rest. I have been focusing on playing the violin after a long time off from it this week and it has truly helped me to keep all the bad news at bay.

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